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Cuba's Vice-Minister for Labor, Carlos Mateu, on the abolishment of Cuba's equal pay system to allow employees to earn performance bonuses:

"It's harmful to give a worker less than he deserves, it's also harmful to give him what he doesn't deserve."

It's taken this communist state 49 years to realize this. When is Malaysia's turn?

Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7449776.stm

Sunday dinner





It was sashimi to start, the baby chicken roulade and the spaghetti carbonara for the mains, and two desserts - vanilla panna cotta and chocolate tart! All this food for two people! Think we overdid it?? We were so stuffed that I saved the panna cotta for breakfast the next day! Oh, I forgot. There was also a carb-laden, freshly-baked dinner roll and generous servings of butter involved in the mix. Bad, BAD girl! :(

Sam Poh Tong, Ipoh




On Monday, we drove up to Ipoh located in the state of Perak. What we thought was a 1.5-hour drive turned out to be about 2.5 hours! (Ooops, sorry baby!) After lunch, we drove around for a little temple tour and found three temples carved into the same hill; Sam Poh Tong was one of them.

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Hot on the grill - lamb chops for Ezran's birthday barbecue

This week:

+ Gas prices hit a new high - approximately 40% higher - from RM1.92 to RM2.70 per liter. What used to be RM70 for a full tank of gas is now about RM100. Am I glad I drive a Proton Wira? I used to be, now I'm not so sure. I'm also not sure what the government meant by saying that Malaysia's gas price increase is the lowest in Asia, because it's up by only 10% in India. Whoever prepared that statement either failed geography or math. (Guess our "brain drain" situation is worse than we thought?)

+ Family came to visit from Singapore for four days. bringing along my cousin brother whom we haven't seen in about two years. It seems that the older I get, the more I appreciate time with family, no matter how tiring it is ;P And, if anyone wants to visit Yemen, ask me for directions to the embassy! The map provided by the embassy is so wrong, and the lady receptionist is not only unhelpful but also doesn't seem to know how to give the simplest directions (grrrr!).

+ Best friend was back in Malaysia for a whole week! We didn't get to spend as much time together as we would have liked, but still we managed to squeeze in multiple dates over five days. Her plane leaves in 20 minutes and I'll miss her so much until her next visit :((( Good luck with the dragon boat race, Sweetie!!!

+ Spent M's birthday with breakfast, running errands in the city, gorging on a big, unhealthy lunch at Chili's, and some shopping. We haven't been able to see each other much in the past few weeks, so hanging out with her for almost a whole day was a real treat!

+ It has been raining pretty much every day for the past week, complete with thunder and lightning. I forgot to switch off the modem when I took my cousin out - big mistake. Lost our third modem in two years (the last one was less than two months old) and was Internet-less for two days, which is a helluva long time! Forked out RM180 for a new one :(

+ Another out-of-town visit from Sunday to Tuesday, so busy busy again!

Can't wait for Deej and Azmin to come back from JB so we can go and see the new Indiana Jones movie! Also, M Night Shymalan's "The Happening" is in theaters from June 12!!

That's all for now, folks! Need. To. Catch. Up. On. Sleep.

The emerald month


Fireworks above the Palace of Justice (Citrawarna 2008, Putrajaya)


May is just about over and almost half of 2008 is gone! Time passes by too quickly, hope you have time to stop and smell the roses.

These days I'm spending all my time with family, friends, and me, with a bit of work thrown in of course. Freelancing is the best! Not so much the money, but that's another story. This is a blessing in disguise: this chance to put family first and spend quality time with the most important people in your life. Nothing compares to spending time with them - it really is the most valuable thing you can give anyone. (Gold is a very close second.)

With the end of May comes June... and what a month it's going to be! Three important birthdays coming up and three out-of-town visits! Except for one birthday, everything else takes place within the first 2 weeks of June. Busy, busy, as you can imagine, but good busy :) 

Some May highlights:

Birthday. Some amazing presents this year, and lots of quality time with family and friends spread over three weeks!

Movies. Kingdom of Heaven. Ironman. 21. Semi-pro. Ah Long Pte Ltd. My Mom's New Boyfriend. Jumper. No Country For Old Men. Bank Job. Heat.

That 70's Show. Many thanks, Terence!!!! Got through Season 1 in three nights!

Citrawarna 2008. All access crew passes courtesy of Azmin. Went with DJ to this annual cultural parade held in Putrajaya (think this was the 10th one?) and according to The Star, 50,000 people came to see it. I'm quite sure the number is lower, but whatever. Took pictures, realized there was room for improvement. The light show projected on the facade of the Palace Of Justice was amazing, as was the pyrotechnics in the sky at the end of the evening. The cultural performances were okay, but the effort is definitely praise-worthy. However, I was disappointed with the Chinese cultural show - not only was there no crew (drummers, cymbalist, bald masked guy with fan) for the lion dance, but the accompanying "music" was wrong too. The VIP arrival was a mess, and what was up with the orang utans?????!! I end on a positive note: transition from seated area to common/standing/free area very smooth. But then, it's already on a wide, straight road? ;)

Catching up. This is a record-breaking! Debbie. LM and GK. Fanny. James. Allie. PK. Jeeves. Ezran. Joycie.